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Nex (splatoon 2)


Pronouns: He/They
Age: 14* - 19*
Likes: Cute tiny robots (like auto-bombs and squee-gees), music
Dislikes: Being compared to others, liars
Main weapon: Carbon roller deco


  • When Nex was first making his way to the surface, he covered his left eye with his tentacle, and kept that emo hairstyle for a while, until eventually changing it. This both symbolises him opening up, and the fact that it is actually quite difficult to do things with a thick tentacle draping over one of your eyes 24/7.
  • Had formal Charger training in the past, but he doesn't really use them himself.
  • Nex was my first real splatoon OC! (other than my sona) The idea for his character came after I finished Octo-Expansion in early 2022, being someone who was affected by the events that occured there, but wasn't directly involved.
  • Nex's colour pallete is based off the Nintendo Switch, and their name is derived from "NX", which was the code-name during the Switches development. Incidentally, it is also a name that means "violence and murder", apparently. This is not revelvant to their character, I just thought it was interesting.
  • Story


    Nex grew up in the octarian underground domes, with a strict family, and his prodigious older brother, Miles. Nex looked up to his brother and they were very close... until one night, Miles suddenly decided he was going to leave for the surface, leaving Nex alone, confused and distraught, he later found out that Miles had betrayed the octarian army. At the time, the he couldn't understand why. Nex already had high expectations on him to be like his renowned brother, but with him gone, it was no longer just "you should be more like him", it was now "you need to be better than him". Dealing with this from when he was 10 to his early teens, led Nex to resent Miles for a good while, but deep down, he really did miss him

    Splatoon 2

    Fours years later, now 14 year old Nex attends octarian training school, where he starts hearing buzz among his classmates about a recent and exciting concert that had taken place. At that time, Nex wasn't really into that kind of stuff, as he had to be laser focused on his study. Still, he was curious, and found a recording of it online. After watching it, Nex found himself taken aback by it, especially by the emotional Tidal Rush segment, which struck a cord within Nex, and it was something he could not stop thinking about...

    Months passed. Nex starts hearing more and more about his fellow octolings seeking freedom on the surface, and he was beginning to wonder if he could do the same. One day he finally reached his breaking point that made him realise, now more than ever, he needed to get out. The final choice was made, and he ran away, starting his journey to the surface.

    After finally making his way up to the surface, Nex ended up living on the streets around Inkopolis Square for a while, playing alot Turf war to earn cash, where he often ran into an inkling named Dew. At first, Nex didn't know what to make of this inkling, but she was kind and often helped him out with various things, so he eventually came to trust and consider her a friend. Still, Nex was incredibly stubborn, and would spend most of his days fighting Turf wars with very little breaks, which eventually resulted in him getting injured. Afterward, Dew, who was gonna walk him home realised that Nex actually had nowhere to go, insisted that he go home with her, which he begrudgingly agreed to.

    After he recovered, Nex continued to stay. From that point on, Nex and Dew were a team, fighting together in Turf Wars, helping each other, making new friends, reconciling with old ones, and for the first time in so long, Nex was becoming truly happy, it was the start of an exciting new life.

    Splatoon 3

    Years later and Nex is now a young adult who had truly come into their own, who mainly does odd-jobs of fixing machines, and things have been going pretty great as of late! But...

    Even though Nex had mostly moved on from Miles, every now and then, they start to feel the hole in his life where he once was. They had tried to accept the fact that maybe Miles had long since moved on, but as more years passed, Nex is starting to get the feeling that something may be seriously wrong...


    Miles - Older brother, whom Nex looked up to growing up, before their fallout. Nex's feelings toward him are complication, and they are hoping to find him again one day and reconcile. But as more and more years passed, Nex is starting to worry that this may never happen.

    Dew - Sister figure and best friend, the first friend Nex had made in a long time at that point, in fact. They are a team who have fought many battles together.


    Other (sketches/funnies ect)

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