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Story projects and OCs

A hub for my various OC worlds

Static Space

This is my ongoing webcomic project that I've been making since 2019!
Static Space is set in an advanced alien galaxy full of different planets, where travel between them is very common and easy. The comic follows our main duo, Digit, an angsty tech-savy teen, and Dee, a small robot full of wonder, travelling the galaxy together, getting caught up in various goofy hijinks along the way.

The comic can be read on its site here (Last updated: 5/May/2024)

Digit Dee

Splatoon OCs

Splatoon has one of my favourite game worlds ever, so of course I had to make OCs for it!

Note: You should have a basic knowledge of Splatoon lore to fully understand the story. Warning for dark themes such as canon-typical violence and implied child abuse.