Hi there! The name's Cosmo, and welcome to my little corner of the cyberspace! This site's my newest little project, and as is it still in a state of WIP, there's not much here at the moment... but you can just vibe here for a bit if you want. I make art and OCs, so why not check those out? (Note: OC pages still a WIP)

Oh, by the way! Please view this site on desktop. This index page might look ok but other pages will be quite broken on a phone screen lol


  • There's still more work to be done but it's all starting to come together together! The site looks somewhat presentable now at least.
  • 27/5/24 - Added tabs to gallery page.
  • 19/5/24 - Rearranged index page. Also I should start dating these. I moved the update box from the side bar to here, it looks a little weird now but I'll eventually fill the space in there with more page links and decorations.
  • In the process of making character pages
  • Added Stories & OCs page