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Welcome to my art gallery! You can also find more of my art on my Tumblr, as well as my Youtube, where I post speedpaints and animations. (well, "animation" but they're more like animatics)

Please do not repost/use my art without my permisson.

Music Splatfest Kris Digit, a faint light Comet jumps out of a window Mikuuu Molly is sad oh no A little witch kitty New years 2024
Livvy 2024 Blue Screen Deep Cut Splatoween Frye Hi Nex Hi Kai and Ria Chilling and discussing The Horrors Young Miles and Nex Hi Static Frye Sage A faded memory Fyro turns up the heat Never fear, Surge is here Floaty New years 2023
hi Miles Digit and Dee are posin' Saiki Kusuo' 'Dew bein' cool Dedf1sh Skating Swirls Niko Happy Halloween Rin Nex is just sitting here Malran causing problems on purpose Team Water Seems to be october jojo reference That damn clown around town Splatoon 3 drip help him Magical girl chocolate The disappearance of Hatsune Miku is squid me