Pronouns: She/her
Age: 15
Likes: Gaming, soda, fanfiction, (often the incredibly angsty kind).
Dislikes: Large crowds of people, loud noises, school, Static
Skills/Abilities: Programming, fixing machines, can project hard-light holograms from her gloves, which she can even make basic weapons out of.


  • Digits eyes and antennea glow in the dark
  • She particapates a lot in online game mod communities
  • She used to enter gaming tournaments as a kid, even winning one
  • She makes money by buying extremely cheap broken game consoles, fixing them up like new and reselling them. She doesn't get alot for it, but the extra cash helps.
  • Story

    Digit is an angsty teen who lives in a spaceship. Quite pessimistic and often comes across as rude, but she has a good heart, deep down, really. Very stubborn and impulsive, often refusing to give up until things are set right. A gamer and programmer, Digit hopes to be an indie dev one day, but as of right now, she's kinda just wandering the galaxy, and having to deal with crazy nonsense that forces her to play the role of a hero, though she wouldn't really consider herself one. She just wants to play some dang video games and live her freaking life in peace! Perhaps that was too much to ask, considering her lifestyle...

    Digit went off on her own into space when she was just 13 years old, meeting her best friend Dee a long the way, and they've been inseparable ever since. They'd been travelling around for a while, without too much trouble, but one day, when they were just chilling, a mysterious being named Static appears, and steals Digit's precious Game Device! Not one to let someone get away with such a heinous crime, Digit and Dee go off after them, and from there, things started to get crazier...


    Dee - Best friend, and like a little sibling to her, who she is very protective of.

    Static - HATE. What the heck is this weirdos problem?!


    A faint light 4th anniversary They posin Red Digit 1st anniversary Spooky timez Digit chilling

    Sketches and funnies

    Digit and Dee cosplaying Saiki and Anya UTDR Halloween 1 UTDR Halloween 2 good job dee Aroace Digit Aroace Digit bonus Mortality Head