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Pronouns: She/they
Age: 5
Likes: Space, stars, travelling, eating batteries, cartoons
Dislikes: Mean people, being stuck in one place too long
Skills/Abilities: Bringing joy to others! Oh and super strength too. I guess. Can also project basic holograms, and jump super high into the air.


  • Likes to take pictures of the places she goes to and print them to make scrapbooks out of.
  • Very smart, but tends to be forgetful at times
  • Often speaks in a formal tone, especially with those she has just met.
  • Story

    A teddy-bear-like robot full of optimism and the ability to throw a truck at you. She wouldn't do that, but she could do that if she really wanted to. She is fully capable of doing that. Dee has a love for many things, mainly being exploring, learning about new things, and corny speeches. With her love of exploration and friendship, Dee enjoys her life travelling around space with Digit, and they share a sibling-like bond. Her own origins are unknown, but she doesn't seem to mind that part too much at the moment...

    Dee has alwyas longed to explore the galaxy and see all that it has to offer, one day she encountered Digit, who had very recently left her home planet, they became friends and Digit even let Dee join her on her travels! They have been inseperable ever since.


    Digit - Best friend, and like a cool big sister! Dee looks up to Digit alot.

    Static - Conflicted. Dee wishes to believe that there is good in everyone, but Static is very insistant on causing problems for others, which Dee doesn't understand at all.


    4th anniversary They posin 1st anniversary Spooky timez edgy dee dee walkin catch starlight angel

    Other (sketches/funnies ect)

    Digit and Dee cosplaying Saiki and Anya UTDR Halloween 1 UTDR Halloween 2 good job dee Mortality Head toontown deeku

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